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Villa Sloneczna


Brine from Dębowiec

In Dębowiec, at a depth of 500 meters underground, there are exceptionally rich brine deposits with one of the highest concentrations of iodine and bromine in Europe. The brine and the salt produced from it have long been used for inhalations, compresses, throat rinses, and baths.
In 2014, a health brine graduation tower was opened to the public in the center of Dębowiec (a peaceful walk from the Villa - about 25 minutes), attracting a multitude of tourists from the region, the country, and abroad. Inhalation at the brine graduation tower positively affects health and vitality at any age.

Long Walks in Beautiful Surroundings

The wonderful and peaceful surroundings of Dębowiec encourage long hiking trips. The unique fauna and flora contribute to unforgettable views and experiences. Here, you can encounter rare bird species, deer, hares, fallow deer, and many others. The walk will also appeal to children, who can spot fish in the pond, storks in the meadows and fields, and perhaps even catch a cricket?

The Area on a Bike

A great way to admire nature is through cycling trips. Professionally prepared routes encourage this form of recreation. The direction is up to you. You can cycle to Pszczyna, Skoczów, Cieszyn, Jastrzębie Zdrój, Rybnik, and Ustroń. Along the way, it's worth stopping at historic churches and folk sculpture galleries.

For Motorists

If you like car trips, you'll be pleased to know that Dębowiec is close to both popular Beskidy towns and interesting tourist regions of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It only takes a few minutes to reach well-known places like Ustroń or Wisła. Just a few kilometers further are Istebna and Koniaków – famous for their wonderful folk laces. Istebna is associated with the famous Polish Himalayan climber Jerzy Kukuczka. While there, it's worth visiting the Memorial Room dedicated to him, run by his wife Celina.

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